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Singleton Corridor

The NDSP began collaborating with West Dallas 1, the coalition of neighborhood associations in West Dallas, in 2020. West Dallas is facing numerous zoning and land use pressures that impact the community including but not limited to: environmental justice, rapid high income housing developments, and lack of city services. During the planning process with West Dallas 1, a new neighborhood association, Singleton United/Unidos, formed to represent the area where the plan was being developed. The creation of neighborhood-based organizations is a successful outcome of the project planning process. Singleton United/Unidos launched the GAFs Gotta Go/ GAF Vete Ya campaign to remove the biggest polluter, GAF, from their community. This was included in their plan’s recommendations and more information can be found on their website.

Check out West Dallas 1 on Facebook:

Check out Singleton United/Unidos on Facebook:

Check out a brief history on West Dallas’ lead smelter and history of environmental justice in the community from 1934 – 2001, the more recent relocation of Argos Cement Plant in 2015, and the current fight to deny GAF Roof Shingle’s permit at the EPA. Singleton United/Unidos launched the “GAFs Gotta Go/GAF Vete Ya” Campaign in August 2021 to remove GAF from their community. Interested in getting involved? Contact: .

Check out the final draft of the Singleton Corridor Neighborhood-Led Land Use Plan:

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